Biogasanlage BEST
  • Ideal pH Value from 8,0 – 8,7 to populate the methane building bacteria
  • Increased methane production from the same amount of substrate, hence lower CO2 emissions
  • Stable process biology allows heterogeneous input of various substrates
  • Prevention of biological disturbance through, e.g., high nitrogen loaf. With CarboFerm, your biogas plant will provide a constant buffer

Biochar in Biogas Production

CarboFerm increases the performance of your biogas facility. CarboFerm is not a fertilizer; it temporarily stores essential nutrients in methane production. At the same time, CarboFerm creates long-term biotopes for the process of crucial types of archaea. Therefore, CarboFerm provides the ideal combination of inner and outer surface area to enhance the population of bacteria and an unbroken internal capillary tube system optimizing mass flow and accessibility of substrates.

Biochar in Construction

The construction business is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide. Biochar, used as an admixture for non-static components, helps decrease the CO2 emissions caused by the construction industry. Furthermore, biochar adds additional properties to the construction material. Outstanding insulation and significant dampness buffer characteristics improve the qualities of the material. At the same time, overall buildings can serve as C-sink unities due to the stability of the carbon put into the building material.

Building paved entrance
  • Natural care + recovery of the intestinal flora ( i. a. after antibiotic administration, hyperacidity) and improvement of the immune system
  • Detoxification through binding of harmful and poisonous substances in the gastrointestinal system
  • Relief of diarrhea and less odorous feces
  • Reduction of flatulence plus positive support of the metabolism
  • Addition of important minerals and trace elements

Pet Food Supplements

CARBOVITAL – Bio vegetable charcoal as a food supplement. Because the health of your pet matters to you and us! CARBOVITAL will help you significantly improve the well-being of your beloved pets. This product is based on ancient knowledge, enhanced by the latest research.

With the usage of CARBOVITAL, you simultaneously contribute to climate protection! Unlike conventional charcoal products based on lignite or hard coal, our plant-based bio-charcoal removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it.